How to alkalize one’s body in simple Ways

Did you know that excessive amount of acid can deplete oxygen from one’s body? Yes, you read it correct. Every cell in human’s body requires oxygen to function properly. Acidic foods like sugar, meat, rancid oils, trans fats and fried food can only be handled by body’s inner detoxification system for some time. Excess acidity in one’s body can lead to pain, excess weight gain and many other health issues.

Everyday every minute your body is at constant battle. It is working very hard and fighting against all odds to maintain a slightly alkaline environment. An alkaline balance is nothing but proper pH balance, which is vital for good health.

Anything below ph7 is considered acidic. It has been reported that acidity in the body is linked to pain, excess weight and many other health issues. Therefore, it is very important for one to have an alkaline environment for one’s body and here are some simple yet efficient ways of detoxifying your body of all those acids and making it more alkaline.

How to alkalize one_s body in simple ways

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Checking your pH level regularly: Yes, this does sound cliché, but trust us when we say checking daily creates a kind of awareness and cautiousness. pH level in simpler terms means the amount of hydrogen ions in the solution.

To check one’s pH level, you can always use pH strips, which are easily available with the pharmacist. You can buy the strips from any drug store and these are very simple to use. All you have to do is check your urine with these strips. pH strips change color when they come in contact with acidic or basic substance. You can always refer the color chart that comes with the stick so you can easily make out how much acid is there in the body and how to control it.

Drinking Plenty of Water: This definitely never gets old. Water is world’s foremost medicine. If there is magic on earth, then it’s definitely in the form of water. From weight loss to curing diseases, this humble liquid has been there throughout. In fact, approx. 70% human body is made up of water. You can always say no to that ‘oh so tempting Cola’ and have a glass of pure water. You can enjoy water like it’s the best drink in the world which it actually is. However, if possible you can always choose alkaline water. Today, thanks to human invention and technology, various alkaline water filter machines are available ensuring you always drink safe and healthy water.

Go Green! You read it correct. Another simple yet one of the most efficient ways of making sure your body maintains the pH level and the system is in alkaline environment you need to trust the ever helpful greens. Right from herbal teas to those salads and green juices, remember you are taking a step towards a healthy life, a better life. Fruits and vegetables are filled with necessary vitamins and minerals but green veggies are a complete different story.

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Don’t trust us? try these simple steps just for few days and we bet that you will get results.