What are the Basic Components of the Portable Alkaline Water Bottle?

Water is the most important substance in the world. But not all water is created equal. 70% of our body is made up of water. But what if one is consuming unhealthy water? Remember clean water filled up with vitamins and minerals is your way to a healthy life. Today with the immense development in travel and hotel industry, there have been excellent changes in our lives. One such change is the consumption of water.

alkaline-waterThe hotel and the travel business have given a boost to the water business whereby everyone these days have started consuming bottled water. But the major question here is if the bottled water is actually safe for drinking? We know that tap water is definitely not a good option in developing and developed country, but is bottled water a healthy option? The answer is no.

When the water is filtered, it passes through some chemicals which clean it. In this cleaning process, many times, important minerals and vitamins are also washed away. Now when tap water is unsafe and bottled water washes the minerals we need something to take care of our health. The good news is there is something that actually cares for us and this is alkaline water.

Today many brands provide bottled alkaline water, but it is very important to know what actually alkaline water is and what its components are. Alkaline water is that water which is less acidic then our usual tap water. Did you know that acid consumes oxygen while alkaline increases oxygen in one’s body? Well, therefore the major use of alkaline water is to increase the oxygen in one’s body.

The low pH scale of alkaline water is what makes it more beneficial for us. Today the pH level of normal water is considered to be 7 but the pH value of alkaline water is 8 to 9. The low acidic liquid with the pH range of 8-9 is recommended by many health advocates and this is because of the health benefits. The pH range is one such component of water that was not spoken of in the past years, but now thanks to various inventions and discoveries, this factor has gained its due importance.

portable-alkaline-water-bottle-5-colorsWater which passes over rocks like springs, picks up the necessary minerals which in turn reduces the acid level and increases its alkaline level. We understand that it is not possible to get spring water easily and therefore many companies today have started making and selling Portable Alkaline Water Bottle. Now here normal water is made alkaline through a chemical process known as electrolysis. Electricity is used to separate those molecules of water which are more acidic.

Alkaline water not only helps in maintaining the pH balance but also neutralizes acidity. It contains essential minerals that are good for heart and bone health. Many even claim that alkaline water helps in healthy weight controls and even stop the skin from unnatural aging due to external components. Now if you’re planning to start drinking alkaline water than the AlkaMate water Alkalizer is a truly great way to start from. The AlkaMate is a water bottle with filters in the top and bottom. The top filter is changeable making it possible for you to change the filter and use your AlkaMate for years to come.

So if you do not want to go for the bottled water purchase why not buy your own bottle that alkalizes the water. It is the only way to make Portable Alkaline water while helping to filter out pesticides, pollutants, chlorine and sediment. One other major benefit is that it improves taste and eliminates odors. Wondering where you might find AlkaMate? Check out Healthier Living 4 You. Attractive colors and jaw dropping prices will make you just buy your very own AlkaMate from Healthier Living 4 You with just a click.


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