Detox Foot Bath

Detox Through Your Feet – How does it work?

It is said that human body can defend itself well against most environmental insults and effects of occasional indulgence. However, we have a lot of unhealthy habits and an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. We need to care for ourselves and do all our best to remove the harmful toxins present in our body. One way is detoxification and the best way to remove harmful toxins is detox through foot. This is an old science and nothing new. In the Chinese system of reflexology, the foot is believed to contain natural energy zones connected to the major organ systems of the body. In acupuncture, these zones are activated through the insertion of needles. Detoxification through the feet is a combination of this idea with Chinese herbal medicine, resulting in the secretion of internal toxins in a manner similar to sweating. Today detoxification of the body through feet is an increasingly popular practice.

foot detox bath

Here are a few ways that your body can be detoxed through the foot. Remember the first thing that you need to do always wash. Wash your feet with mild soap and warm water before doing any kind of foot detox. You can use a loofah, net scrubber or fine pumice stone to remove any dead skin cells and soften calluses before soaking your feet.

The next thing that needs to be done is to prepare a nice warm foot bath. Today, special ionic foot baths are marketed for detoxification of the body through the feet, and are said to provide relief from a broad range of maladies, including migraines, hypertension, diabetes, acne, arthritis, depression and fatigue. All you need to do is first add water and salt to the small bathtub or spa. Then soak your feet in the bath for up to 20 minutes as a current of ions is passed through the water by an attached array. Soon, the water will change colors, revealing the types of toxins being removed.

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You can always compare the water to a toxin chart. Soon after inserting your feet, the water in the ionic bath will change colors, revealing the types of toxins being removed. An ionic foot bath should come with a chart matching the color of the water as it changes to denote specific types of detoxification. For example, black water indicates toxins from the liver, whereas orange suggests the removal of toxins from joints. This information can be used to select other herbal remedies to continue the detoxification process.

If you do not want a foot bath you can always try attaching foot patch. In other words, another way to increase the detoxification of the body through the feet is to use a homeopathic foot patch. These are impregnated with wood-vinegar essence from certain medicinal trees in the Chinese system; they can be affixed to the sole of the foot like a sticker and worn overnight. In the morning, you will usually discover that the patch has changed color, reflecting the toxins pulled out of the body through the feet. You need to apply foot detox pads to the bottom of your feet at bedtime. Always make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for where to place them, as some go on the soles of your feet from toes to heel, and others are supposed to work better if applied across the arches. You can remove them in the morning, and then put on fresh ones every night for the next 30 nights. This is yet another way of detoxing through your foot. You can always choose the best for you.

However, if you go for detox foot bath, you never walk away from an ionic foot bath without turning it off first. This is a warning that must be noted well. You can always massage a moisturizer or foot cream into your feet after soaking them which will indeed turn them soft and relieve your stress.


How to alkalize one’s body in simple Ways

Did you know that excessive amount of acid can deplete oxygen from one’s body? Yes, you read it correct. Every cell in human’s body requires oxygen to function properly. Acidic foods like sugar, meat, rancid oils, trans fats and fried food can only be handled by body’s inner detoxification system for some time. Excess acidity in one’s body can lead to pain, excess weight gain and many other health issues.

Everyday every minute your body is at constant battle. It is working very hard and fighting against all odds to maintain a slightly alkaline environment. An alkaline balance is nothing but proper pH balance, which is vital for good health.

Anything below ph7 is considered acidic. It has been reported that acidity in the body is linked to pain, excess weight and many other health issues. Therefore, it is very important for one to have an alkaline environment for one’s body and here are some simple yet efficient ways of detoxifying your body of all those acids and making it more alkaline.

How to alkalize one_s body in simple ways

 Learn the 9 secret ways to alkalize your acidic body

Checking your pH level regularly: Yes, this does sound cliché, but trust us when we say checking daily creates a kind of awareness and cautiousness. pH level in simpler terms means the amount of hydrogen ions in the solution.

To check one’s pH level, you can always use pH strips, which are easily available with the pharmacist. You can buy the strips from any drug store and these are very simple to use. All you have to do is check your urine with these strips. pH strips change color when they come in contact with acidic or basic substance. You can always refer the color chart that comes with the stick so you can easily make out how much acid is there in the body and how to control it.

Drinking Plenty of Water: This definitely never gets old. Water is world’s foremost medicine. If there is magic on earth, then it’s definitely in the form of water. From weight loss to curing diseases, this humble liquid has been there throughout. In fact, approx. 70% human body is made up of water. You can always say no to that ‘oh so tempting Cola’ and have a glass of pure water. You can enjoy water like it’s the best drink in the world which it actually is. However, if possible you can always choose alkaline water. Today, thanks to human invention and technology, various alkaline water filter machines are available ensuring you always drink safe and healthy water.

Go Green! You read it correct. Another simple yet one of the most efficient ways of making sure your body maintains the pH level and the system is in alkaline environment you need to trust the ever helpful greens. Right from herbal teas to those salads and green juices, remember you are taking a step towards a healthy life, a better life. Fruits and vegetables are filled with necessary vitamins and minerals but green veggies are a complete different story.

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Don’t trust us? try these simple steps just for few days and we bet that you will get results.

Detox Foot Bath

Hear What Your Body Needs – Time For a Foot Spa!

Our body is a marvelous machine and it continues to operate efficiently forever if properly maintained. Just like a machine your body also needs routine maintenance.  Most of us don’t listen to our bodies closely, but if we try to decode the message that our body gives us then we understand that its needs relaxation too along with regular exercise and food. We do many different things to help to maintain our health like eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. But, sometimes our body needs a little extra care. This extra care can be in the form of anything that can help your body to rejuvenate. One such thing is a foot spa or better known as a detox foot bath.


A detox foot bath is soothing and helps your body in different ways. Here are a few different ways that a detox foot bath can help your body.

  • Balance: Our body at present is unbalanced. This happens because of the world around us. In other words, pollution, imperfections, diseases, stress, etc. can impact us and our health in many ways. Our body is the most balanced when we are born but we can definitely bring our body back to perfect balance at present with regular detoxing with a detox foot bath.
  • Cleanses: A foot spa is known to cleanse your body on a cellular level. A detox foot bath cleanses the entire body on a cellular level which makes you clean on the inside where it really matters to your health. As it is always said a healthy outside comes from a healthy inside.


  • A detox foot bath lets you see exactly what is wrong: While having a detox foot bath, you get to know what exactly is being cleaned and what exactly is wrong due to the variety of different colors. Like black water means the liver is being cleaned while orange indicates detoxification of joints.
  • Balances your Chi: A detox foot bath not only soothes and relaxes but also rejuvenates you. When you clean your system through a detox foot bath, you bring your body to the perfect level. Thus it allows your body to operate properly on all levels.
Detox Foot Bath

How to Get Started with Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine?

Procedure of Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine

Over time, the process has been utilized in many unique countries to boost health and well-being. This detox procedure will enhance your well-being. The whole detox foot bath procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Detoxification is important and needs to be done on a normal basis to accomplish a well-balanced body and mind. It is a much easier process than you think, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Detoxification through the feet has been proven to be among the best kinds of detox.

Detox Foot Bath

Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine

  • 3 in 1 FIT Ionic Foot Detox Machine – Enjoy 3 easy to use and powerful therapies in just a single system . A Foot bath can as well help improve complexion, manage pain, and enhance energy levels . It also offers solutions to common health issues.
  • A foot bath that can actually remove toxins from your body right through your feet. It’s called a foot detox. Safe and complete Foot detoxification through the Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification Process.


  • Helps to increase blood circulation. Safe, easy and complete body detoxification. Relieves muscle and joint pains. It can also help improve the condition of the feet in general.
  • 3 Powerful Therapies in 1 System means Far Infrared Heat, Ion Detoxification & TENS. These easy to use therapies help to detox the body, increase blood circulation and alleviate pain.

New Questions About Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine

  • Should you be conscious about your well-being and you’re keen on eliminating all the toxins within your body, you’re lucky to get many unique products available to you for purchase via the internet. Because of all these unhealthy things you’re exposed to, your well-being will be impacted. Detoxing on a normal basis will enhance your well-being and cleanse your physique.
  • There is a multitude of advantages to detoxifying and cleansing. A number of the benefits which you are likely to realize using the detox foot bath include greater energy levels, a faster metabolism, relief from arthritis, a decrease in water retention, better concentration and memory in addition to an improved immune system. Naturally, there are several different advantages to using a detox foot bath but it’s important that you try to remember that it’s more of being balanced in your body than taking care of any 1 problem you could be dealing with.

What are the Basic Components of the Portable Alkaline Water Bottle?

Water is the most important substance in the world. But not all water is created equal. 70% of our body is made up of water. But what if one is consuming unhealthy water? Remember clean water filled up with vitamins and minerals is your way to a healthy life. Today with the immense development in travel and hotel industry, there have been excellent changes in our lives. One such change is the consumption of water.

alkaline-waterThe hotel and the travel business have given a boost to the water business whereby everyone these days have started consuming bottled water. But the major question here is if the bottled water is actually safe for drinking? We know that tap water is definitely not a good option in developing and developed country, but is bottled water a healthy option? The answer is no.

When the water is filtered, it passes through some chemicals which clean it. In this cleaning process, many times, important minerals and vitamins are also washed away. Now when tap water is unsafe and bottled water washes the minerals we need something to take care of our health. The good news is there is something that actually cares for us and this is alkaline water.

Today many brands provide bottled alkaline water, but it is very important to know what actually alkaline water is and what its components are. Alkaline water is that water which is less acidic then our usual tap water. Did you know that acid consumes oxygen while alkaline increases oxygen in one’s body? Well, therefore the major use of alkaline water is to increase the oxygen in one’s body.

The low pH scale of alkaline water is what makes it more beneficial for us. Today the pH level of normal water is considered to be 7 but the pH value of alkaline water is 8 to 9. The low acidic liquid with the pH range of 8-9 is recommended by many health advocates and this is because of the health benefits. The pH range is one such component of water that was not spoken of in the past years, but now thanks to various inventions and discoveries, this factor has gained its due importance.

portable-alkaline-water-bottle-5-colorsWater which passes over rocks like springs, picks up the necessary minerals which in turn reduces the acid level and increases its alkaline level. We understand that it is not possible to get spring water easily and therefore many companies today have started making and selling Portable Alkaline Water Bottle. Now here normal water is made alkaline through a chemical process known as electrolysis. Electricity is used to separate those molecules of water which are more acidic.

Alkaline water not only helps in maintaining the pH balance but also neutralizes acidity. It contains essential minerals that are good for heart and bone health. Many even claim that alkaline water helps in healthy weight controls and even stop the skin from unnatural aging due to external components. Now if you’re planning to start drinking alkaline water than the AlkaMate water Alkalizer is a truly great way to start from. The AlkaMate is a water bottle with filters in the top and bottom. The top filter is changeable making it possible for you to change the filter and use your AlkaMate for years to come.

So if you do not want to go for the bottled water purchase why not buy your own bottle that alkalizes the water. It is the only way to make Portable Alkaline water while helping to filter out pesticides, pollutants, chlorine and sediment. One other major benefit is that it improves taste and eliminates odors. Wondering where you might find AlkaMate? Check out Healthier Living 4 You. Attractive colors and jaw dropping prices will make you just buy your very own AlkaMate from Healthier Living 4 You with just a click.

Detox Foot Bath

Common Health Benefits of Using Foot Detox Machine

Ionic foot bath is one of the natural ways that healing and natural health enthusiasts use to flush out harmful toxins from the body. This natural way is getting more popularly used worldwide and is being known as a painless detox procedure that anyone can use. You might have already heard of this detox bath or you might be planning to purchase your own detox machine. But do you know the benefits it can give? If you want to know the different things you can gain out of using this health machine, please continue reading the next paragraphs.

foot detox machine

Mental Benefits

Regular use of foot detox machine can give you a couple of mental benefits. It can enhance mental clarity , stimulate memory, and motivate mental relaxation. It also helps promote better sleep and relieves insomnia. According to those individuals who have used this detox machine, getting into this painless detox procedure helps them to think a lot better and to stay in focus.

Physical Benefits

detox processAprt from mental, users of foot detox bath can also gain a couple of physical benefits. As reported by medical and health practitioners, detox bath offers a variety of physical benefits. It helps promote proper and easier movement of elbows and knees, thus regarded as an excellent alternative for people who are suffering from bone pain and chronic lymphatic. Since using this bath is a kind of detoxification method, it can help you get rid of the toxic chemicals and also of excess body fats. This is why detox bath is used by people who want to lose excess pounds and to get rid of unhealthy fats.

Detoxification thrdetoxification processough this machine also enhances metabolism, boosts the body’s immune system, and increases oxygen circulation. An ionic foot detox bath can also help relieve neck pains and headaches. It is as well very effective and efficient in easing loose bowel movement, constipation, and other bowel-related disorders.

Other Benefits

If your body flush toxins out of your body, the very first thing you will notice is that you feel a lot better. If you use it regularly, you will also notice an increased in your libido. It also acts as a natural cure for frigidity among women. It can also help make you feel a bit sexier.

Even though how much careful and picky you are about what you eat and drink, you can never really say that you are toxic-free. Everything around you like the cosmetics you use, food you eat and water you drink, can give your body a good amount of toxic materials.

foot detox bath


Bottled Water or Portable Alkaline Water Bottle: Which Should You Choose?

Drinking alkaline water offers a variety of benefits. For one, it helps balance the pH level of your body. To avoid different illnesses and to obtain optimal health, your body should have the right pH level. Alkaline water also aids in strengthening the body’s immune system. It likewise increases the electrolytes which are essential for the major organs of the body system to maintain the right levels of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and some other minerals. Other major benefits that alkaline water offers include but not limited to:

AlkaMate Pink

  • Alkaline water contains more minerals than tap water
  • Filtering eliminates undesirable odors from water
  • It takes away chlorine from your water
  • It can help enhance energy level
  • Alkaline water can help reduce acid reflux
  • It can help lower down both the blood pressure and cholesterol of the body
  • Aids in losing excess weight
  • Effective rehydration beverage when exercising or doing sports activities
  • Provides proper hydration

portable alkaline water blottle

Bottled Water or Portable Alkaline Water Bottle?

Bottled water or a portable alkaline water bottle, which one is better than the other? Before you decide on whether you will buy bottled water or a portable alkaline water bottle, be sure to know the downsides and the benefits of each.

Many people choose bottled water over an alkaline water bottle. The major reason behind this is that bottled water seems to be more convenient and more inexpensive than buying or using an alkaline water bottle. For a moment, you can say that one bottled water is cheaper than the portable alkaline water bottle. However, if you try to calculate how much money you will have to spend in buying bottled water, say for one or two months, you can tell that the alkaline water bottle is relatively less expensive.

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When talking about the danger of ionized water, it generally refers to the bottled ionized water that can be purchased at the grocery store. The truth is, bottled ionized water are no longer ionized and it can be just an ordinary water by the time you bought it. This is because the water can lose its ionization within just 48 hours. And since the bottles being used in commercial ionized water are recyclable plastic, there is a bigger possibility that water can absorb the chemicals from the container most especially if it is being exposed to light and heat.

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Before buying, you also need to determine when and how often will you consume alkaline water. If you need to drink instant water while walking, jogging or riding your bicycle, you may grab a bottle of mineral water from the nearest store. However, if you intend to bring with you an alkaline water when going to the office or on a long drive, it would be preferable to use portable alkaline water bottles.